Cumann na mBunscol Dhún na nGall

Promoting Gaelic games in Donegal primary schools

Rules & Regulations

Allianz sponsors Cumann na mBunscol


County Championship Stages:


Date and venues to be confirmed later via email to all participating schools.

The above draw applies to all competitions and categories in boys and girls.

Shields are awarded to the winning school in any competition at county level. Medals will be awarded to the winners and finalists of competitions at county stages.

Roinn 1: 18 medals.

Roinn 2: 16 medals.

Roinn 3: 14 medals.

Roinn 4 : 12 medals.

Roinn 5: 12 medals.

Roinn 6: 10 medals.

It is intended that medals and shields be presented on the day of the finals. In order for this to happen, all shields must be returned to the County Secretary before competitions begin. Extra medals if required are available on request at a cost of €5 from the County Secretary.


Rules of the Game

The Categories

These categories apply to both boys and girls competitions. The schools are divided into categories or Roinn on the following basis:

Roinn 1: schools with 11+ Mainstream teachers (Double this number in a single sex school).

Roinn 2: schools with 8-10 Mainstream teachers.

Roinn 3: schools with 6-7 Mainstream teachers.

Roinn 4: schools with 4- 5 Mainstream teachers.

Roinn 5 :Schools  with 3 Mainstream teachers.

Roinn 6: Schools with 1-2 Mainstream teachers.

The rules of Gaelic Football apply to boys and girls football with the following exceptions:

  1. Size of Pitch

Roinn 1 and Roinn 2: as for under – 12 games.

Roinn 3, Roinn 4, Roinn 5 & Roinn 6: across half field.

                Pitches should be lined out as appropriate.

  1. Duration of Games

Roinn 1 and Roinn 2: 25 minutes a half.

Roinn 3, Roinn 4,Roinn 5 & Roinn 6: 20 minutes a half.

                 Extra time, if played: 5 minutes a half.

Blitz Format- (4 teams) 10 mins a half;     (3 teams) 13 mins a half


  1. Size of Teams Substitutions

Roinn 1: 13 a side 5 subs.

Roinn 2: 11 a side 5 subs.

Roinn 3: 9 a side 5 subs.

Roinn 4: 7 a side 5 subs.

Roinn 5: 7 a side 5 subs.

Roinn 6: 5 a side 5 subs.   

                More players may be played in a given match with the agreement of both schools concerned, but the above will apply at all county stages.

  1. A size 4 football is to be used.
  2. Kickouts are to be taken, out of hand, from the 20 metre line.
  3. All kickouts, frees and sideline balls can be taken from the hand.
  4. 45’s are to be taken, from the hand, from the 45 metre line.
  5. There is a square ball. (Where there is no square marked it is the referee’s decision).
  6. Two touch rule applies to all Allianz Championship games.

The above rules apply to girls’ football plus the following:

  1. A player may pick the ball off the ground providing she is in a standing position.
  2.  A player, while on the ground, may play the ball away from her but may not bring it into her possession.
  3.  A player may not kick the ball as another player is about to pick it up.
  4.  All deliberate bodily contact is forbidden. Deliberate use of the shoulder is forbidden.


Conditions and Rules

Governing the staging of games

  1. Any school wishing to take part in Cumann na mBunscol competitions must have the permission of their Board of Management, prior to entering a team in any of the competitions.
  2. Schools taking part in Cumann na mBunscol should be accompanied by a teacher. If this is not possible, then the team should be accompanied by a responsible person ratified by the school’s Board of Management.
  3. The organisation and discipline of the children at any Cumann na mBunscol games should be under the control of teachers accompanying the team.
    1. Referees and officials are to be respected at all times by mentors, supporters and players.
  4. To be eligible to play in any Cumann na mBunscol games the competitors must be on the roll of the school at the time of the fixture and U-13 (on or before Sept. 1st 2014, handball 1st Jan 2015).
  5.  Team lists and dates of birth should be exchanged between schools for all games and an extra copy for the referee at county final stages.
  6. The home school is responsible for providing the playing facilities and the qualified referee.

7.  There is a boys’ football competition; there is a girls’ football  competition. Boys are not permitted to play in the girls’ competition and girls are not permitted to play in the boys’ competitions.

8.  Any grievances or complaints pertaining to Cumann na mBunscol activities are a matter for the Cumann na mBunscol committees and should be put in writing to the County Committee within 4 school days.

Rules governing the playing of matches

  1. Matches may be played during the school week preceding the date of the fixtures at a date, time and venue agreed by both schools. (Cumann na mBunscol recommend that if possible the games be played during school hours).
  2. Teams must play fixture before the fixed date. Cancelled matches/unplayed matches will be decided upon by Divisional Reps. and or Co. Committee. Teams are not permitted to give matches to other teams.
  3. Requests for postponement/deferral of games will only be granted for genuine reasons. Three officers will decide on these requests if Co. Committee cannot meet before the fixture.
  4. Team management stay off the playing area during play and referees stop games during pitch incursions.
  5.  A maximum of three team mentors only will be permitted on the sideline at Co. Final Stages. The committee will strictly adhere to this rule.
  6. Match results must be forwarded by the winning team to the Divisional Rep or County PRO, Annmarie Meehan at ( or text to 086 3672726
  7. In the event of a draw in the preliminary round, semi finals or final, games must be brought to a conclusion on the day.
  8. In the event of a team being withdrawn from the pitch before the game is concluded, they will be deemed to have forfeited the match.


Conditions and Rules Governing fixtures

  1. County committees shall accept correspondence only from the school through the Chairperson, the Principal or the designated teacher.
  2. When affiliating to Cumann na mBunscol annually, teachers & B.O.M. agree to be bound by the rules of Cumann na mBunscol.
  3. The philosophy of Cumann na mBunscol is to promote Gaelic Games in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.
  4.  Complaints, Objections and Counter Objections: Any complaints or objections must be lodged with the Rúnaí Chontae in writing within 4 school days of the game. The Rúnaí informs the other party who also have 4 school days to respond in writing.

5.  All Cumann na mBunscol matters within the county shall be resolved internally.